Dirt Dessert

My husband was really excited when we did our A Bug’s Life Family Movie Night because I told him the dessert was dirt cups. Growing up his mom made an amazing dirt recipe. It’s so good and so easy to make. Ingredients: One Package of Oreos 8 oz softened cream cheese Stick of butter 1 Cup … More Dirt Dessert

Alice and Wonderland Family Movie Night

For our third Movie Night we watched another classic and my husbands least favorite Disney movie (he hates the Cheshire Cat). For dinner we had: Alice’s Shrinking Burgers Cheshire Cat Smiley Fries-Fries cut into smiley faces White Rabbit Carrots Mad Hatter Cucumbers Drink Me Juice Unbirthday Cake After dinner we watched the movie. Bella was … More Alice and Wonderland Family Movie Night