Aladdin Family Movie Night

Ever since going to Disneyland Paris last year my oldest daughter Bella (4) has been obsessed with Disney.  Since we are anticipating moving back to the States soon we have been talking and planning on a Disneyland Cali trip when we get back.  To keep her excited and help my 2 year old Ava excited we started doing Family movie nights. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest and just combine a bunch of different ideas from there as well as make up our own.  I have to be as organized as possible so I’m just going in a somewhat alphabetical order.  So our first one was Aladdin.  So far this is one of Ava’s favorites because she loves Jasmine.

For the dinner we actually got the food from our local Greek truck because we don’t have a grill. The dinner consisted of:

  • Aladdin’s Kabobs- this is pretty explanatory. You can do any type of Kabobs you like.
  • The Peddler’s Fries
  • Abu’s Stolen Apples
  • Genie Juice
  • And Jasmine’s magic carpet for dessert- This was fun for the girls because they got to help. You need graham crackers, frosting, Hershey’s chocolate, and sprinkles. Take the graham cracker and cover in frosting, top with chocolate, another layer of frosting and sprinkles.  Was extremely rich and sugary so we did small portions.

We ate our dinner on our magic carpets that my husband brought home from over seas. After dinner we all piled up in the living room and watched the movie. Over all the night was a big success and Bella now asks every week what our next one will be.  13001186_10154743796502678_4291353493427539338_n.jpg


We got some of our ideas for this one from: Home is where the Mouse is


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