Maulbronn Easter Market

One of the very first things we did when we got to Germany was go to an Easter Market.  Since Spencer wasn’t home last Easter we weren’t able to go to one.  So when I saw there was going to be one in a Kloster not far from here I was excited.  In Germany, Easter eggs are very popular.  Most people have a tree out in their yard where they hang the eggs from the branches.  There are Markets all over where you can buy hand painted eggs and intricate eggs from all over Europe.

12744387_10154556919182678_3905445928173131794_n        12744563_10154556919112678_122536857870104853_n

The ones on the right are from a German vendor and the one on the left is from a Romanian vendor. Most of the time the vendors are making eggs while sitting there so you really see all of the hard and painstakingly accurate details go into each one.

The Kloster itself was beautiful even on a cold and rainy day. The girls did surprisingly well and Bella loved seeing all of the different eggs and wanted so bad to paint some herself.





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