Alice and Wonderland Family Movie Night

For our third Movie Night we watched another classic and my husbands least favorite Disney movie (he hates the Cheshire Cat).

For dinner we had:

  • Alice’s Shrinking Burgers
  • Cheshire Cat Smiley Fries-Fries cut into smiley faces
  • White Rabbit Carrots
  • Mad Hatter Cucumbers
  • Drink Me Juice
  • Unbirthday Cake

After dinner we watched the movie. Bella was really excited because she said she loved the Queen of Hearts. She had never seen the movie so she didn’t realize she was a villain. She wasn’t to happy when she found that out. And she was very relieved when she realized Alice was dreaming and she wasn’t going to lose her head.

After the movie we cut a celery stalk at the bottom so it looked like a rose, and painted the Queens red roses. The girls really liked this activity because they got to paint.

Who is your favorite Wonderland character?


We got got our ideas from Mom Plus Mouse and a little bit of tweaking on our part.


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