A Bug’s Life Family Movie Night

Last week’s Family Movie Night was A Bug’s Life. The girls are slowly but surely getting better about sitting for more of the movies.  Bella had seen this one before and liked it so she was more into it.  She also enjoyed the fact that she was able to help make some of the food. This is a great one for little helpers.

The Menu was:

  • Princess Atta’s Butterfly pasta-We gave the girls plain noodles because they don’t like sauce but Spencer and I had alfredo.
  • Tuck and Roll’s Tater Tots
  • Heimlich’s Caterpillar Grapes-The girls helped put the grapes on the skewers.
  • Francis’s Ladybug Strawberries-Strawberries cut in half and mini chocolate chips stuffed on the top to look like ladybugs. Another good one to have little helpers.
  • Dot’s bug juice
  • And The Queen’s Dirt-Dirt Dessert.

Of course you can’t eat A Bug’s Life dinner on anything but a picnic blanket. We don’t have a typical red and white one so we just grabbed a blanket from the closet.

What’s your favorite picnic food?13177956_10154818775912678_7661777216275230966_n

We got some our ideas for this one from Mommas Fabulous Playground



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