Bambi Family Movie Night

“If you can’t say nothing nice to say. Don’t say nothing at all.”-Thumper


Family movie night number 7 was Bambi. The girls didn’t do to bad with this one although it is pretty short.  Bella thankfully wasn’t paying attention when Bambi’s mom died.  I didn’t really want to explain that to her just yet. But she loved all of the animals in it.



Spencer didn’t like the menu’s that I found online so we made up our own for this one. If you know my husband you will understand his sense of humor with the food titles.  Thankfully we couldn’t do exactly what we wanted but it didn’t mean he couldn’t tease Bella.

The menu:

  • Bambi Burgers (no they weren’t venison, although that is what he wanted. Bella didn’t like the name of these0
  • Thumper’s cabbage mix (Chick-fil-A Coleslaw is our favorite)
  • Flower’s pebbles (baked beans)
  • Spring “water”
  • Faline’s Log Rolls



Poor Bella she was afraid we were actually eating Bambi. It took me awhile to persuade her that we weren’t.  Bella told us her favorite animal was the deer. What’s your children’s favorite animal?


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