Beauty and the Beast Family Movie Night

So this post is a couple weeks late.  These last few weeks of pregnancy have been pretty rough and I keep getting distracted.  We took a break from movie nights because the Hubby was gone for two weekends and lets face it Family Movie Nights just aren’t the same without the whole family…much to Bella’s dismay.

I was REALLY REALLY excited about this one.  My all time favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.  If I could be any Disney Princess Belle would be the one…hey I even have most of her lines memorized!


We pretty much made our own menu for this one because I just couldn’t find any I really liked on Pinterest with a few exceptions.  Our menu consisted of:

  • Gaston’s Catch of the Day (Roast Beef)
  • Belle’s Potato au Gratin
  • Cogworth’s French Style Green beans
  • Marie’s Baguette
  • Sparkling Cider (since we don’t drink alcohol)
  • The “Grey” Stuff (Its delicious! Don’t believe me ask the dishes!)-View Recipe Here!
  • The Enchanted Rose Strawberry Shortcake

It was probably our most extensive dinner so far but its Belle! And because it’s such a fancy movie we had to eat on our fancy china (which is of course Mickey Ears from Disney). Our roast we use is the Mississippi Roast. And thankfully living in Germany Baguettes are super easy to find and SO delicious.  Spencer spent a lot of time working on the Strawberry Shortcake and making them look so pretty. Its sad that he is way better at that sort of thing then I am.

image1 (1)image2 (1)

As our craft we had the girls decorate their own Enchanted Mirror. Another thing Spencer took a lot of time prepping.  Since we don’t have a dollar store here we could go buy cheap mirrors Spencer cut them out of cereal boxes and glued tin foil onto them for the mirror part.  The only thing we had to use for decoration was glitter glue but the girls loved it.  Bella has become quite the expert since she started Preschool.  Ava on the other hand needs a little more practice.

image3 (1)

Ava actually sat through the entire movie because I mean who doesn’t love this movie. Bella got scared of the Beast parts although she has watched it multiple times before.  But she loved the Ballroom scene and asked to put on her Belle dress so she could dance with Belle.

What’s your favorite part of the movie?

Stay tuned for The “Grey” stuff recipe and our next movie night…Big Hero Six!


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