Big Hero 6 Family Movie Night

“I fail to see how you fail to see that this is AWESOME!”- Hiro

This week’s family movie night was Big Hero 6. I find this movie is highly underrated.  My girls LOVE Baymax.  And I have to say being a big Fall Out Boy fan, I love that my girls know Immortals just as well as they know Let it Go.


This was another movie that I was not fond of the menus posted online so we made our own.  It was a small menu compared to our other ones but still a good one. We had:

  • Hiro’s Stir Fry-See Recipe Here!
  • Honey Lemon’s Lemonade
  • Baymax Marshmallows
  • Aunt Cass’s Donuts


For the marshmallows the girls got to decorate them and eat them.  They loved them!  All we used was the black frosting gel tubes.


We also did a very small “craft” but I didn’t get pictures.  We just took paper plates and drew Baymax eyes on them and made masks.  If you have red construction paper you can also cut out the “ears” for the red suit he wears.

Do your children love movies you wouldn’t expect them to like?


6 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 Family Movie Night

  1. This is such an awesome idea! Family movie nights I hope to incorporate when I have kids later on!

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