Brother Bear Family Movie Night

“Let love guide your actions”


Another underrated Disney movie.  The message of this movie is fantastic.  You should never judge anyone.  Try walking in someone else’s shoes before you decide what they are truly like.  For our dinner we decided to go with an Native American themed dinner.  My husband’s family has a lot of Native American blood so he wanted to attempt his family’s recipe for Indian Fry Bread.  Although it is a different tribe then the one protrayed in the movie,  I looked up to see if they had Fry bread as well.  It looks like all tribes had some sort of bread recipe but they varied a little. This menu was a little smaller then our usual ones, mostly because it was our first one after having our newest baby.  I wanted to pick them back up but it had only been a week so we did something a little lighter.  Here is our complete menu list.

  • Kenai’s Indian Fry bread- We topped ours with Ranch beans and cheese.  But you can top with taco meat and veggies as well.
  • Koda’s Soapapillas-Also Indian fry bread but topped with honey and powdered sugar.
  • Berries and Twigs
  • Northern Lights Punch-Any pretty colored drink you want




The girls actually did really well for this movie. Probably because they had never watched it before.  If you haven’t seen Brother Bear I would definitely recommend watching it.  It really does have an excellent message.


One thought on “Brother Bear Family Movie Night

  1. Love this. My wife actually hates this movie lol. But me and the kiddos love it. Although I gotta say. Disney really needs to back off on the whole parent killing theme they have…. I mean in almost every movie they have they kill off a parent.

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