Cinderella Family Movie Night

“A dream is a wish your heart makes”-Cinderella

I think every girls first princess movie is Cinderella.  Its an all time classic that will never grow old.  Both of my girls love this movie, Bella even loves the new live-action one but we will save that one for another movie night.


Our movie night got a little messed up with this one. We cooked dinner and ate and everything was going wonderful. Then we went to put the hard drive on and it would not work no matter what we tried.  It was already a late night so we had to split this night in two.  For our menu we had:

  • Royal Rotisserie Chicken
  • Suzy and Perla’s Sweet Corn
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi Broccoli
  • Glass Slipper “Champagne”
  • Princess Parfaits

And of course since its Cinderella we used our “fancy” plates and spoons.  Which are of course Disney inspired.

IMG_5223 (1)

As far as this new Jello Princess Parfaits, they were not that great. It all tasted a little like cardboard.  The girls liked it ok, but it wasn’t their favorites either.


But they did enjoy making them.


We watched the movie a couple days later when we had some time.  It wasn’t quite the same but we still enjoyed our time together.


4 thoughts on “Cinderella Family Movie Night

    1. Thank you! I actually come up with them before. Sometimes I let the girls think of things but most movies they haven’t seen before since they are so little. If it’s movies I’ve seen a lot it’s easy but sometimes I get inspiration from Pinterest and Google.

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