Venetian Festival-Ludwigsburg

This past Friday I got to go to an incredible festival in Ludwigsburg.  If you live close by I highly reccommend going when it is in town.  Unfortunatley it is only here every other year.  The first year we were here it was going on but I was not able to make it and I’m so glad I was able to this year since we will not be here the next time it comes around.  Not only did I get to go but I got to experience it kid free on a girls night out.  Although it was fairly kid friendly and I saw quite a few children (some little girls dressed up in beautiful period style dresses) my daughters would have been completley freaked out by the masks and some of the costumes.  We went on the first night it opened but unfortunatley missed the opening parade.  But here are some of the awesome costumes we ran across.


We started out hitting the Market.  It was full of amazing Venetian vendors, mostly Masks, but there were also costume shops and jewlery booths.  I purchased two masks because lets face it I’m just that indecisve.  I also purchased a matching fan.  I loved all of the masks and costumes.  The entire time we walked aroud we were surrounded by people dressed up in their finest period style clothing, ranging from Barouqe to Colonial style.  There was even a Dracula.  But it wasn’t just actors, anyone can dress up.  Oh how I wish I had a fancy dress to wear.  I was in Romance Novel heaven.

After the Market we caught a few of the acts.  The first one was a street musician act.  They were so much fun!  So lively and energetic.  Italians in general I think are just like that but they were really fun to watch and really engaged the crowd. Then we walked over to another show, this one was a bit odd.  It was titled Traum, which my friend said means Dream in German.  The only thing I can think of was it was a pretty crazy dream.  The next and last show we caught was a Stilt act.  It was also a little odd but at least had a story line we could follow.  But what was incredible about this act was the fact that the performers walked and danced around on the stilts for a good 45 minutes straight.  It was insane and I have no idea how they were able to do it.


It was quite an incredible and memorable night and I’m so glad I was able to attend.  Defintley a must see for anyone in the area.  Now if only I could make it to Venice itself! One day 🙂

How would you recommend me using my masks? This is how I’m displaying them but I’d love costume ideas!  Comment below with something 🙂




4 thoughts on “Venetian Festival-Ludwigsburg

  1. Wow! That looks like so much fun! I love when festivals like that come here to Missouri, I can’t control myself! I wish I knew what the masks look like. Are they wearable or do you want to hang them as a decoration in your home?

    1. They are so fun! Germany is full of awesome festivals. I will edit the post tomorrow and add some pictures of them. The two I got from the festival are perfect for wearing. But my Father in law bought us one that is huge so we have it hanging up. It really just depends on your preference. The big ones can be worn too, they are like the ones in the pictures above.

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