Mary Poppins Family Movie Night

“Never judge things by their appearance…even carpetbags. I’m sure I never do.”- Mary Poppins

I am pleasantly surprised that my girls sat through this entire movie.  Bella actually really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t sure since its not only live action but also a classic.  Both she and Ava loved the penguin scene.  I loved that they liked this movie.  It’s one of my favorites.  There are some great lessons in it but its very fun.



Bella was a big help with all the treats we had that day.



Excuse my messy kitchen.  Don’t you just love her colorful bandage? We had an accident the day before and ran into a pole. Her daddy was sweet and made it all pretty for her.

For our menu we had:

  • Supercalifragilisticescpialidocious Sandwiches
  • Umbrella Apples
  • Chimney Sweeps- Marshmallows dipped in oreo crumbs
  • Kite Crackers- Graham crackers with twisslers
  • Practically Perfect Punch
  • Spoonfuls of Sugar- Whipped cream with sprinkles




One thought on “Mary Poppins Family Movie Night

  1. You totally made my day because I’ve never seen spoonfuls of sugar but now that you created these I can’t imagine it any other way! Love the idea of making an event out of Movie night! Pinned to save your spoons!

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