Monster’s University Family Movie Night

“Every dream begins somewhere. Some are born to greatness and some find greatness on their own.”

So I’ve been typically going in alphabetical order with our movies (I’m slightly OCD) but I figured since Monsters University is a Prequel to Monsters INC we would do it first. We will save INC til our next round of movies. We did this in October due to it being Halloween. Bella is obsessed with all holidays so I wanted to do themed movies for that month. They actually didn’t do well with this movie. Some of the monsters kinda scared them. They watched parts of it and when it got to parts they didn’t like they played with something else. I had planned on doing a craft for this one but the craft store here didn’t have what I needed.



For our menu we had:

  • Oozma Kappa Pizza
  • Monster fruit cups
  • Mike’s smoothies-any green smoothie
  • Sully’s monster mix







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