Inside Out Family Movie Night

“There are a lot of things to be happy about.”-Joy

“I consider every day we don’t die to be a success”-Fear

I couldn’t just pick one quote for this one. The first time I watched this I actually wasn’t sure I liked it. It was so sad at some points. But the more I watch it the more I can see how much it relates to real life. The two quotes above really stuck out to me. The first is something I have to remind myself sometimes  because I tend to let the stresses of life and motherhood get me down. And the second is something I think everyday being the mom of three small children. This last time we watched it I tried to think about it more. I’m curious as to why the mom is controlled by sadness and why the dad is controlled by anger. My conclusion could be wrong but I feel like sadness is also empathy which is why the mom is controlled my her. I didn’t really figure out the dad though. This is a pretty popular movie with out girls although they don’t quite understand it yet. Bella gets the emotions but not the complexity of it.


For our menu I tried to do colored theme as best I could. We had:

  • Anger’s Red hot steak
  • Joy’s Corn
  • Disgust’s broccoli
  • Fear’s purple punch
  • Sadness orb ice cream




What are your thoughts on this movie? I’d love a discussion on this one.


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